Topographical Surveys

What is a Topographical Survey?

Sometimes called land surveys, topographical surveys are detailed and accurate plans identifying all ground and overhead features within a specified area. The surveys show features such as buildings, roads, trees, boundaries, services and levels related to Ordnance Survey Datum.

Where is a land survey used?

Topographical (land) surveys are required for planning, architectural design and civil engineers for early stages of projects. An accurate and detailed topographical survey is usually considered as the key to reduce the risk of costly downstream mistakes caused by unforeseen issues.

Why use Cura Surveys for your topographical survey?

As a regulated firm, our topographical surveys are carried out in accordance with the standards set by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), ’Measured surveys of land buildings and utilities,’ 3rd edition. We are a team of highly experienced land surveyors, having worked on many UK’s major infrastructural projects including Crossrail, London Olympics and Heathrow Airport Terminal 2.