What to expect from 3D Laser Scanning & BIM?

We use the latest laser scanning technologies for most of our measured survey projects. 3D laser scanning provides a rapid way to document the existing built environment. It provides a cost-effective solution by minimising time on site and avoiding site re-visits.

We provide geospatially accurate BIM complaint Revit models derived from accurate survey data, usually a laser scan point cloud. Our Revit models are created using BIM LOD equivalent specifications, which not only ensure the geospatial accuracy but also maximise the functionality of model components generated from measured survey data.

Why Cura Surveys?

We are one of the few measured survey companies in the UK who are competent to produce Revit models under BIM compliant specifications.

We have helped many companies and local authorities create BIM compliant Revit models from survey data since the government mandated BIM in April 2016 in every construction project which requires that all projects funded by central government be delivered with ‘fully collaborative 3D BIM’.

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