Gucci - New Bond Street


The purpose of this case study is to present a detailed account of a measured survey conducted at the new flagship store of Gucci, located at New Bond Street in London. The survey primarily focused on the large basement floor, a bustling construction site. The client required accurate measurements of all walls, ceilings, and floor flatness, along with the identification of existing services’ inputs and outputs.


Gucci, a renowned luxury fashion brand, planned to establish a new flagship store to showcase their exclusive collections and provide an immersive customer experience. The location at New Bond Street in London was chosen for its prestigious reputation and high footfall. The basement floor played a crucial role in accommodating various retail and operational spaces.


The key objectives of the measured survey were as follows:

  • Obtain accurate measurements of all walls, ceilings, and floor areas within the large basement floor of Gucci’s flagship store.
  • Assess the flatness and smoothness of the floor surface.
  • Identify and document the locations of existing services’ inputs and outputs, such as electrical conduits, plumbing lines, and HVAC systems.

Site Preparation:

Prior to conducting the survey, the site was prepared by ensuring a safe working environment and obtaining necessary permissions to access restricted areas. Necessary safety precautions were taken due to the ongoing construction activities.

Wall and Ceiling Measurements: 

The survey team systematically measured each wall and ceiling surface within the large basement floor. Laser distance meters and total stations were used to capture accurate dimensions, taking into account any irregularities or obstructions caused by ongoing construction work.

Floor Flatness Assessment: 

The flatness of the basement floor was evaluated using a digital level and 3D laser scanners. Multiple measurements were taken at various points to determine the overall flatness and identify any deviations that may impact the store’s layout and operations.

Services Identification: 

The survey team meticulously documented the existing services’ inputs and outputs throughout the basement floor. This involved tracing electrical conduits, plumbing lines, and HVAC systems, using both visual inspection and consultation with the construction team.

Results and Deliverables: 

The measured survey generated a comprehensive set of results and deliverables, including:

1. Detailed Floor Plans: 

Accurate floor plans were created, illustrating the dimensions, locations, and orientations of walls, ceilings, and existing services. These plans served as an essential reference for the design and construction teams, aiding in space optimization and future modifications.

2. Flatness Report: 

A detailed report outlining the floor flatness assessment was compiled. It included measurements, deviations, and recommendations for any necessary corrective actions to achieve the desired level of flatness required for the store’s operations.

3. Services Documentation: 

The survey team documented the locations and paths of existing services’ inputs and outputs. This information was crucial for the integration of new services and future maintenance or renovations.


The measured survey of Gucci’s new flagship store at New Bond Street in London provided the client with accurate measurements of walls, ceilings, and floor areas, along with detailed information on existing services’ inputs and outputs. The survey played a vital role in ensuring efficient space utilization, facilitating smooth construction processes, and assisting in the creation of a remarkable retail environment that aligns with Gucci’s brand image and customer expectations.