Standard specifications

Our typical survey specifications are:

Measured building survey:

Floor plans: 

  • All walls, columns, beams and any other exposed structural members
  • All structural openings including windows, roof‐lights, etc
  • Fixed partitions
  • Overhead boxing and significant ceiling changes
  • Stairs/steps (including risers) and ramps
  • Doorways including swing
  • Key Incoming statutory plant location only. Including gas off, water off, main EDB ‐ where accessible
  • Major plant in outline
  • All inspection covers and gullies
  • Sanitary‐ware
  • Floor finish annotations
  • FFLs to all rooms and sufficient to accurately model changes in level and uneven floors and slopes
  • FFLs to half‐landings
  • Structural Slab levels
  • Ceiling & False ceiling levels
  • Levels/heights to underside of beams and all other structural soffits
  • Levels/heights to sill/head of all windows and doors including arch crown and spring
  • Minimum clearance heights to overhead services (e.g. ductwork, pipe‐work, sprinklers, etc.)


  • Building extents
  • All structural openings
  • Door/window detail including sill and head levels
  • Sills and doorsteps
  • Plinths, facias, cornicing, string courses, airbricks, etc.
  • Ground profile
  • Services including pipes, vents, ACUs, fire switches, etc.
  • Fixed signage
  • Level and text annotation including surface construction materials

Topographical survey:

  • Building / Structures

Outline of existing buildings/structures. Adjacent buildings will be detailed, Overhead features including building lines & canopies.

  • Roads

Kerbs, drop kerbs, pedestrian crossings, driveways, access roads, speed humps & edge of roads.

  • Street Furniture

Road signs, telegraph poles with overhead lines, barriers, bollards, bus stops, bus shelters, posts, road name plates etc.

  • Levels

Levels on all points surveyed to include roads, top/bottom of banks and at 10m grid intervals in open areas. Ridge & eaves heights to existing & adjacent properties

  • Services

Drainage covers. Invert levels, pipe sizes and connectivity.

  • Trees & Foliage

All Trees within & overhanging the site with a trunk diameter. Trees species, canopies & heights. Centre line of hedges & extents of foliage lines.

  • General Details

Existing boundary features including walls, piers, gates, posts & fences.

Major changes in surfaces including brick, concrete, paving, grass. Steps & ramps with direction arrows.