Case Study 1

Measured building survey and Revit modelling from laser scan data with LOD100 and LOD300 equivalent specs

Products: floor plans, elevations, sections and Revit models

Purpose of survey: architectural design, rights of light analysis

Key facts:

A challenging site condition: The survey involved full measured survey for two buildings facing public highways and a site of a large footprint surrounded by tall buildings. Many of the surrounding buildings were not accessible at the time of survey. Our teams managed to cover more areas than required in case of any unexpected circumstances due to the complexity of the site. It was done by a careful site reconnaissance and survey planning. Strict H&S procedures were taken while gaining access to the roofs.

Multi-tasks in a tight timescale: Our team worked extremely hard to meet the client’s deadline. A detailed and considerate teamwork strategy was designed between the site surveyors (for point cloud processing), 2D drawing team and 3D Revit modelling team. We ensured all the teams were fully engaged throughout the project timeline and time gaps were minimised.

Quality assurance: A detailed step-by-step quality check procedure was carried out in order to ensure all the products are accurate and reliable. Survey reports were generated at every step including: on-site control traverse, GPS observations, point cloud registration/cleaning/exporting, 2D drawing extraction checks and 3D Revit modelling checks. Cross examinations were carried out through all the products to eliminate any errors and ensure the specs’ requirement of accuracy was met.